Kihuen Campaign Statement on Cliven Bundy’s Lawsuit

North Las Vegas, NV — Today, Ruben Kihuen’s campaign for Congress issued the following statement on racist rancher and anti-government extremist Cliven Bundy filing a frivolous lawsuit against the Kihuen campaign.

Dave Chase, campaign manager: “Since the start of this campaign, we have consistently called out Congressman Hardy for his controversial association with Cliven Bundy. Congressman Hardy’s failure to disavow Bundy despite his racism and total disregard for the law is a glaring reminder that he is out of touch with the people of the 4th Congressional District.

“It is a fact that after Cliven Bundy’s disgusting rant that African Americans were “better off as slaves, picking cotton,”Congressman Hardy was saying that Bundy’s comments weren’t intended to offend the African American community. It is also a fact that Cliven Bundy led an illegal armed standoff at Bunkerville, and when it was over two of his supporters assassinated two Las Vegas metro police officers. It is beyond absurd for Cliven Bundy to pretend he’s worried about protecting his “good name” while his son is talking to national media about leading yet another armed insurrection, this time at Gold Butte. This lawsuit – filed just days before an election – is clearly nothing more than a political stunt from Cliven Bundy on behalf of his close friend and ally Congressman Hardy.”