In Hiding During Early Vote, Cresent Hardy Even Refuses to Appear at His Own Press Conference

North Las Vegas, NV — This morning, Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy’s campaign hosted a press conference political stunt attacking State Senator Ruben Kihuen… but Hardy declined to actually show up to his own event and talk to reporters. But that’s not anything new — Congressman Hardy has basically been invisible on the campaign trail for the entire early voting period (and before that, too).

Congressman Hardy is probably hiding because he doesn’t want to answer some questions that voters deserve answers to:

  • Why is Hardy’s longtime friend, racist rancher Cliven Bundy, filing a frivolous lawsuit against Hardy’s opponent on the eve of the election?
  • After saying he has “no regrets” about unequivocally supporting Trump for so long, is Hardy still refusing to say who he’s voting for to be the next President?
  • After “unendorsing” Donald Trump, why is Hardy’s campaign ignoring calls to release the audio of a robocall recorded by Trump’s running mate and paid for by Hardy’s campaign?

Dave Chase, campaign manager: “While Ruben Kihuen is campaigning aggressively to win the support of voters and promote early voting, Congressman Hardy’s spineless decision to hide from his constituents and the press shows that he doesn’t have what it takes to answer basic questions about his campaign or continue representing this district.”